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Electric Jet is a Drupal development and consulting company in Minneapolis, MN. We have been building advanced web applications and content management tools since early 1994 for great clients ranging from the Mayo Clinic and General Mills to non-profits like Mill City Farmers Market and the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Our approach is simple:

1. Planning and discovery

We meet with your team to learn more about your project requirements, budget, and schedule. If there is a good fit, we move into planning and discovery. Together, we develop a project blueprint covering infrastructure, content planning, core architecture, data migration, training, and everything in between. Unlike rigid and inflexible technical specs common on many projects, our project blueprint is designed as a fluid document that changes and evolves in response to changes in requirements or goals that arise during development.

2. Design and develop

With a project blueprint in-hand, we move directly into a collaborative design and development phase. In many cases, the client does not truly know what they need until they can click around a live website, with live data, and real administration tools. We get to this point early in the project, with all team members providing continual feedback via a shared project site. This allows us to respond rapidly to early feedback, try out new ideas on the fly, and adapt as necessary to deliver the best possible product under a given budget and scope.

3. Production and launch

When all features are complete and tested, we move into production and ultimately to a successful launch. Our sign-off and delivery process is also simple: the project is "finished" when the client is happy. Because the client has followed along and provided ongoing feedback during design and development there are rarely any evil surprises by the time we hit production. Post launch, we often move directly back into planning and discovery to start on features or tools that did not make phase one due to budget or timing.

Bringing a complex application from "idea" stage to launch is a difficult journey under the best of circumstances. After 17 years in the trenches we have seen it all. Yet we remain passionate about the web and all of its promise. Our process evolves, the available tools gets better, and we strive to make each project better than the last.

Tim Broeker (founder)

Tim currently manages all day-to-day operations at Electric Jet and serves as the technical and project lead for most of our clients. He is a strong open source advocate, and is a former founding member of the core Joomla development team.

He has lived through the Great Browser Wars, ASP 1.0, Cold Fusion, the rise and fall of Java, the birth of content management systems, the fight for web standards, and the evolution of social media and Web 2.0. He currently designs, builds, and dreams about Drupal applications and tools that make it easy for people to do cool things on the web.

Patty Remes (founder)

Patty started in interactive media in the early 1990s developing CD-ROM applications. Her career has included roles from designer and Creative Director to project manager and consultant. She spent the last 6 years consulting for General Mills on social media, SEO, paid search, and conversions.

While she maintains an active role here, she recently began work as the Director of Digital Solutions for an interactive marketing firm. Her role at Electric Jet is determined on a per-project basis, and she is available for help with social media, conversion strategies, and more.

Team members

We assemble the best team possible for each project, pulling in the right experts for the work at hand. We are fortunate enough to work with many local developers, Drupal experts, designers, content planners, writers, and web workers of all varieties. During the early stages of planning and discovery we determine what resources are needed and begin assembling the best team for the job.

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